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A chapter-by-chapter analysis and review podcast of 17776. Hosted by Maplestrip, Rain, and Pigeon, each episode goes through a chapter of 17776 and breaks down what's going on and how things work in the 17776-verse.

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Garbage Football

There have been millions of football games. Some of them are abominations that never should have seen the light of day. On Garbage Football, our hosts dig through a 15,000-year-old trash heap and watch the worst of the worst games - so you don't have to. Inspired by 17776's Garbage Football, the Garbage Football podcast discusses fictional football games in the 17776-verse.

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Callaway Stadium Roleplay Group

Callaway Stadium is a Tumblr role-playing group for 17776. Interactions are both through asks and reblog threads, and applications are always open. Applications are accepted for both humans and satellites. There is also a Discord server for planning character interactions and just hanging out. Apply today, we'd be happy to have you!

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17776 Fanblog Masterlist

An ever-growing list of 17776-related blogs on tumblr.

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Every Location Mentioned in 17776

An extensive list of every location mentioned in 17776, neatly displayed on a map.

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